We Need a New Direction

John Bell is running for the House of Delegates because he is disenchanted with our legislators in Richmond and specifically Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13). Del. Marshall has been in the House of Delegates for over 18-years, and he has consistently spent his time on issues like abortion, marriage amendments and other wedge issues.

81% of the residents in the 13th district are commuters, including John. They waste hundreds of hours each year waiting in traffic instead of spending quality time with their families. Despite this, Delegate Marshall has consistently voted against transportation initiatives. If elected, John will pursue transportation solutions, which will ensure Virginia no longer faces a transportation funding death spiral. He will also fight hard to protect funding for our schools.

John will use the skills he learned during his military career to make sure every penny is allocated wisely and directed towards our most urgent and important priorities: economic growth, transportation and education.

The 13th House of Delegates district is the largest House district in Virginia, with more voters than some Senate districts: 100,138. Residential growth has skyrocketed in this exurban district. 2008 saw historic gains for Democrats in the 13th District, with 16,592 presidential primary voters and victories for Mark Warner (59.1%)and Barack Obama (50.3%).

Democrats Line Up Challengers For House of Delegates


One of Prince William County Democratic Committee chairman Peter Frisbie’s primary responsibilities is recruiting candidates for this year’s House of Delegate races. This is the last local election cycle before redistricting following the 2010 census.

In the 13th District, which covers most of western Prince William County, South Riding resident John Bell is taking on 17-year incumbent Republican Bob Marshall. Marshall has been a target of Democrats for years as he is among the most socially and fiscally conservative members of the House. He has a project giving out free building plans for greenhouses.

Bell is a retired Air Force finance officer and was a canvassing captain for Barack Obama last year, according to his official Web site.

“We probably have more folks in western Prince William County who are … willing to work harder than any other legislative district in the county” to defeat Marshall, said Frisbie.  Volunteer numbers have shot up from being in the hundreds to now being in the thousands, said Frisbie.